The Coil Brush

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The first ever fingertip hair brush designed for natural hair styling. Use it to detangle small sections of wet or damp hair, coil, or smooth strands as you twist or braid.

Apply coil brush to your index or middle finger and use on small sections of wet or damp hair to detangle, finger coil, or smooth strands while twisting or braiding. On stretched hair, use with product to smooth strands of hair or to finger curl your ends.

(Sold in a set of 2)

“The O.G." aka “the original” coil brush is a light-weight, flexible, silicone styling tool that fits comfortably on your finger. It was designed with all hair textures in mind, and has a single-sided panel of bristles with rounded tips to prevent damage to hair.

This fingertip natural hair brush is a styling tool so innovative that it requires some reprogramming of your brain since you've never had something on your fingers as you do these styling techniques. A good way to build that muscle memory is by practicing how you would normally style your hair using the brush.

We do recommend that you practice on a small section of your hair before first use. Try using the tool on different fingers as you practice your normal styling techniques (braiding, twisting, or coiling). Once you are acclimated with the brush, then introduce it into your wash day process. Remember to moisten hair with water or product before practicing.

We do not recommend using the brush for the first time on wash day. Wash day is already a cumbersome, tedious, dreaded, dreadful, complicated, multi-layered (insert favorite disparaging word) process. Logically it makes sense, but it's not most the ideal time to introduce a new product in your process. Why? Because your patience is thin. If you're like most naturals, you want wash day over with as soon as it starts.

Made from 100% silicone.
Choking hazard: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Size: One size

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